Wet Weekend

Friday night we went down to Tucson to visit our good friends, the Milazzos. Normally, our visits are really just an excuse to geek out on games, but this weekend, we had a little diversion. A lovely monsoon hit on Saturday, so we had a little flash flood going on. Moses had a 55 gallon barrel to catch rain water from the roof, and it filled up in a matter of minutes.Here's our car before we moved it - water was starting to lap up over the bumper. Cars kept trying to plow through street, but finding they couldn't make it, had to turn around. Every time they went by, a wave came down the walkway from the street and lapped against the front porch. You can see how deep the water was at the intersection, which thwarted everyone not in an SUV or truck.

Here's Kerry wading through her yard. The cactus to her right is almost at the street.

This entertained us all afternoon, the drama of the flood, cars driving by, monitoring waves to see if they'd actually get inside, setting up dikes, etc. However, 3 hours later, there was nary a puddle to be seen. Gotta love these Arizona floods!

We'd hoped that we would have gotten some rain at home, but while it was a little damp, it was clear our area of Phoenix didn't get the torrent that Tucson did. Lucky bastards.