Weekend reflections

26 June 2007

I'm continuing with my stacking theme - which means a lot of pictures of Charlie, being the younger and more adventurous feline. Kitty has been known to get to some hard-to-reach spots, but she really needs to be in the right mood.

Friday after work, I cooled down from the bike ride home by laying on the floor in the computer room, eyes closed, Charlie sitting on my belly, listening to Chris talk to himself while trying out the new version of Microsoft Money. I thought about how much I enjoy my life, and was content. After dinner, we played GRAW 2 with our clan, Gh0st R3t4rdz. Because we're lame. But it was hella fun.

Saturday I ran around Feralas with my mom for several hours in the morning, and had Daphne and the kiddo over for Blokus, Old Maid, Go Fish, pizza, wine (not for Kiddo), and The Muppet Movie. A good time was had by all, though the kiddo was ready for bed before the movie was over.

Sunday, as part of our extreme summer home makeover, Chris and I cleaned out a bunch of crap from the computer room and bedroom. Next we will tackle the library. Weeding will be done, there is no doubt about it.

I spent the evening reading A Year in the World - last month's book club selection that I'm finally getting around to reading (no worries, I have plans to listen to this month's book, Medicus, on our road trip next week). I am enjoying it far more than I thought I would - I love Mayes' descriptions of places and especially food. I'm always a sucker for reading about food. Mayes has a way of putting into words things I feel when I travel, or even observe around me, but certainly don't have the skill to express. I know that this book will appeal to many of my friends (Tempest, Kerry), so you should definitely pick it up and read. It's perfect for the summer, because you can go on vacation on your couch, for just an hour at a time.


  1. I love Microsoft Money! Is the new version any good? I'm still using the 2004 version because I felt the newer ones were bloatware.

    This is the one thing I'm keeping my Palm around for - integration with Money. It's particularly useful when we travel. If only there were some other way - maybe Google Spreadsheets would work for times when we have web access.

    Your home cleanout sounds inspiring; I'd like to do some of that myself. After the thesis, after the thesis.

    I liked "Under the Tuscan Sun," so I'm glad to hear that Frances Mayes wasn't a one-book wonder. Will give "A Year in the World" a try. After the thesis!


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