New addition to the household

On Sunday, during my usual cleaning ritual, our trusty vacuum cleaner gave a last gasping rattle, coughed out a small cloud of foul smelling smoke, and died. It had been a loyal retainer of 9 years - we had a moment of silence for it, then relegated it to the back porch until it can be sent to my father-in-law for an autopsy.

Needless to say, a house with 2 cats cannot without a vaccum be, so yesterday Chris and I went to Sears in search of a new one. We looked through the dazzling array of servants, all gleaming and eager to prove their cleaning utility, but this fine fellow looked at me and said "I'll do for you well, ma'am, you'll not be dissappointed." We decided, after looking at all the attachments, debating the merits of bags vs. bagless, that he would, indeed, do very well for us, and so we took him home.

It should not surprise you that my plans for this coming weekend include vacuuming the house from floor to ceiling, just to try out all the new features and sheer suction power of this new, improved appliance. No doubt I'll obsess over getting the Intelli-clean lights to turn green.

I think I'll call him Willoughby - I've been in an Austen sort of mood.


  1. Sir...she's gone from suck to blow!

    Ok, I bet your new dirt sucker isn't as impressive as the giant maid in Spaceballs, but I'm sure it'll do a fantastic job.

    Beware the green light, it'll make you obsessive about getting every speck of dirt or hair off of your carpet.

  2. YES!! Everyone I know says that Kenmore vacs are the best. They're tanks!!!!!

  3. Chris actually didn't even consider a different brand - he went right up to the saleswoman and asked to see Kenmore vacs. He used to repair them at Sears in the days when he worked at just about EVERY job possible.

  4. Wow--I thought only I could get so excited about something so boring! :) We are actually considering getting a new vacuum, too. Ours still does the job ok, but it's getting less and less sucky as time goes on, not to mention the myriad of small plastic pieces that keep popping off it. It probably ought to be in hospice, not still attempting to clean our floors.


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