I have no self control

Chris: Aren't you coming to bed?
Me: No, I'm just going to read for a little bit.
Chris: You're going to stay up all night to finish Harry Potter, aren't you?
Me: No! I'm just going to read for an hour or so.
Chris: Riiiiiiight...

5 hours and 575 pages later, I finish the last page, close the book and go to bed.


  1. That's okay, you have more self-control than me!

    I wanted to see whether the version leaked last week was the real thing, so I downloaded it...and then naturally I had to start reading it last (time-zone corrected) Wednesday...it got so bad that I sat at my desk at work all day "Thursday" and read more than half of it to finish the book.

    What did you think? I liked it - it fulfilled just about everything JK Rowling had said about how it would end.

  2. I got the book on Sat. and finished it on Sun., so I'm with you. I told Nate I wanted to just keep reading so that I wouldn't have to keep trying to avoid spoilers on the net. That's mostly true, but frankly, I thought it was great--a very satisfying read that served a worthy climax to the series. I'd be interested in hearing what you thought of it!


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