Grumpator's Law of Biking #1

No matter which direction you are going, the wind will always blow
against you - especially under the following conditions:
During a rainstorm
During a simoom
In temperatures over 110 degrees F
If you're running late.

Sent from the bus, bike on the rack, because I might be crazy, but not
THAT crazy, when it's 111 and will only get hotter this week.


  1. The whole reason I rode my bike today was because I thought to myself, "you've been wussy all week, Anali rides her bide everday! If she can ride in phx., you can ride in Tucson" You were my motivation, the reason for my hot, sweaty ride home this afternoon while pulling a bicycle trailer with a 45 lb. kid. I thought someone else (besides Garion) was going to be miserable with me.
    On the up side, I kind of feel like I have permission to be a little wussy--thanks!

  2. You're welcome! Glad to enable your wussiness!


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