Friday Quiz

Final Score: 43.5
I can't believe I didn't get some of these! I REALLY need to see some other people do better! Really, the most fun I've had doing a quiz in a while!

Happy Friday!


  1. I got a 51.2. That was fun. Some of them I knew the song but even singing it out loud I couldn't come up with the darn word.

  2. Well, I scored a 52. Personally I think you should get points if you get half of a lyric right, but then again I guessed on a lot of them (including the big 4 pointer) and got them right.

    That's tough to do without hearing the melody!Thanks for the 15 minute waste of time, it was fun!

  3. Yeah, I knew a lot of the songs, but missed quite a few just because I was too busy thinking of the LAST question.

  4. This was awesome. I scored a 54.5 - I have all these songs running through my head now andI'm okay with that ;o)!


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