Carnival of the Infosciences #76

Welcome to Carnival of the Infosciences #76! I'm delighted to say that we received several submissions over the last 2 weeks, so that means a lot less work for me! So, enter the Carnival, but just take it easy on the corn dogs, okay?
  • Charles H. Green presents an intellectual response to Michael Gorman's emphasis on credialization in society and the web in Credentials, Elitism and Web 2.0 posted at Trust Matters. Make sure you read the comments for further discussion!
  • Jeff Scott gives a very detailed description and analysis of Chandler's new Perry Branch of the Maricopa County Library District in Doing it without Dewey: A Perry Branch Library Tour posted at Gather No Dust.
  • Kathryn Greenhill shares Jeff Trzeciak's outline of his first year transforming his academic library in One Year, posted at McMaster University Library. From Kathryn's submission: "He's the guy who included his World of Warcraft character's level in his academic and experiential credentials during a presentation to his library board about how library users are changing. And who hired a gaming librarian and digital strategies librarian in the 7 new positions he created in the last year." The post gives insight into what and how decisions were made for reorganizing staffing and services.
  • Connie Crosby submits Betty McKenzie's story about sharing cataloging skills with underprivileged libraries around the world in The Apostle of Cataloging posted at Out of the Jungle.
  • Cade Krueger presents a book review of Rich Dad, Poor Dad posted at Write To Right Your Business Opportunity.
  • Amy Kearns shares a Library Garden post called10 Principles of Improv and why you should care. Peter Bromberg talks about how the lessons he's learning in an improv class can be applied outside of improv.
  • Under editor's pick, a topic I saw floating around the last few weeks was on technical competencies for librarians. Tech Compentencies: what do we need to know to do our jobs (well) by Sarah Houghton-Jan, the Librarian in Black collects many of the posts about it, and points out her recent publication on the subject, as well as free WebJunction webinar on July 25th on the same topic. This topic is near and dear to my heart, so I couldn't help but include it on this week's carnival.
I don't believe the host for the August 8th Carnival has been decided yet, but please do submit your suggestions to the Carnival on the form.


  1. Anali - Thanks for hosting. You always do a great job!!! :-)


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