Sweet vacation

22 June 2007

Chris got me a complete set of World of Warcraft strategy guides for my birthday, along with the DVD for Harry Potter 4. Glee! I can't wait to try out the dungeon guide - maybe we'll try to FINALLY finish Uldaman this weekend.

I've finally uploaded our pictures from our weekend in Sierra Vista. Have I mentioned how much I love this state? We had a nice time, the B&B was beautiful and the food was excellent. Our only complaint was that the B&B was so far out of town that we had to drive 20 minutes to get every meal except dinner. We usually don't like to drive when we're on vacation, so that was a bit of a bummer. I would certainly recommend the Casa de San Pedro, though, to anyone. It was lovely. However, if you feel the way we do, you should probably arrange to pack in some food so you don't have to drive so much.

I also want to point to another new blog by a friend of mine - Nightshade Kittytoes. I'm so happy so many friends are joining me in the blogosphere!