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I've read a few similar things in the past, but my web wanderings today let me to You Don't Look Like a Librarian, a presentation given by Ruth Kneale, a fellow Arizona librarian.  I enjoyed her informal way of presenting the information.

You know, I didn't realize one needed a Master's degree to be a librarian until college - I was a student aide at the Music Library and on the posters for my recital I put "Anali the Librarian".  The music reference librarian really took me to task over that.  Come to think of it, she was a main factor in my hesitation to go for my MLS.   That has been a few years ago, but I'm not certain that it's a more well-known fact now than it was then.

Clearly, one can't be a librarian without seeing some of this: my friends gave me the Nancy Pearl Action Figure for my birthday - my husband jokes that I should get horn-rimmed glasses.  I rarely get surprised responses when I tell people that's what I do, though, so I guess I fit their perception - whatever it is.


  1. Speaking of librarians, I don't think of you and automatically think, "librarian." But then I tend not to categorize people based on job, or I try not to. I 've seen the Nancy Pearl librarian action figure, thought of you, and never bought it for you as 1) I wasn't sure you'd completely dig and 2) I figure someone else would've bought it for you already. I keep seeing them at the bookstore and am torn and I'm not even one of "the librarians." Movie you should rent that does portray librarians, but is less stereotypical than many of the books and movies out there is Party Girl with Parker Posey. The title gives it away, but it's fairly fun and funny. No, really, netflix it. You should probably like it.


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