Happy Monday - I mean, Tuesday

9 June 2007

It's been a couple of weeks since I subjected readers to pictures of my cats, so here you go. I'm on a cat-stacking theme, lately.

Speaking of the cats, they're starting to get used to the new furniture. They were pretty leery and jumped every time we reclined, but since we've spent some quality lap time the last few days, they're settling down.

We had a lovely time in Sierra Vista, and Chris gave me the most thoughtful birthday gifts. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Back at work, and I came across this article on the correlation between MySpace and Facebook usage and class divides among teens (further discussion here). I think it's pretty interesting, and I'm sure some of you have some thoughts. I know I only joined MySpace because of the hype (for research, you know), and didn't join Facebook because at the time you had to have a college affiliation and now that I'm so old, many of my friends are not affiliated with a school. I think MySpace is okay, and while I don't use many of the features there, it's served our purposes well. Facebook intrigues me in some ways, but now I'm too lazy to migrate - I had to work pretty hard to get what friends I have to join MySpace!

Obviously, our demographic is different from that of the teens in this article, but I'd be interested in your thoughts. Have you used Facebook? MySpace? Which do you prefer and why?

Someone in the comments also compares blog sites, putting Blogger on the side (lower class) of MySpace and Wordpress on the (upper class) side of Facebook. Considering Blogger came before Wordpress, and I heard about Blogger in college, I would guess that's not a fair comparison.

Wordpress does have built in site statistics, though, which is very alluring...


  1. I am so mortified to admit that I didn't realize you were blogging on Blogspot again until today. :( Sigh! I thought you were just doing friend-restricted blogging on MySpace and that you'd given up on Blogspot for a while. Now I have some reading to do! What a dolt I am.

    I think you might enjoy Facebook - it gives updates on what your friends are doing online/on Facebook in an RSS feed-like format, and you'd be surprised at which people you know are (or aren't) on there. You *can* join as ASU staff, and then you get connected to people you know through their email addresses - not just through college networks.

    Everyone has their own preferences for social networking sites, though. You enjoy Myspace much more than I do, but I'm doing pretty well with Facebook. In theory there are people out there who still use Orkut or Friendster.

  2. I've been intrigued by Facebook, and from what I've seen, I do prefer the GUI and site design over MySpace. But, as I've said, I'm too lazy to switch, and I have no desire to join ANOTHER social networking site. Unless I can have an aggregator....


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