I have mixed feelings about the movie, because I had mixed feelings about the series - I loved The Golden Compass and enjoyed The Subtle Knife, but really didn't like The Amber Spyglass. I was dissappointed as a whole with how the series ended. I felt it had so much potential.

But I loved the idea of the daemon, and I'm pretty pleased with Albus here. He's quite handsome, isn't he?

Quiet week - I took Monday off after a busily social weekend, and we bought new furniture! Couch, recliner, and end tables! Our living room will soon look like it belongs to adults instead of college students! Pictures will be forthcoming once the furniture actually arrives.

This weekend, we're attending Phoenix ConGames and plan to geek out to an extraordinary degree. Chris hopes to find other people to crush at BattleLore (though I've actually beaten him a few times lately), and I hope to play a few new games, and I think I'll bring some favorites for free gaming: Merchants of Venus (just for you, Shilo, if you can tear away from your MiB duties), Titan (because it's the only time we can actually finish a game), and whatever else grips my fancy.


  1. Yay furniture! I'm hoping we'll soon follow in your footsteps. New couch--can't wait.

    Thinking of checking out the golden compass books. Would you recommend them even if you didn't so much like the ending?

  2. Yeah, I'd definitely recommend them. Just because I didn't like the way it wrapped up doesn't mean you won't. I know several people who loved them, and obviously they're popular enough for a movie. Pullman's a decent writer, as well.


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