Songs in the key of life (and cats)

Songs In The Key Of Life (Childhood-Adulthood)

Song You Believe Your Parents Conceived You To: Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues. That's always been their song!

Song That Best Makes The Soundtrack of Your Childhood Neighborhood Theme: Axel's Theme from Beverly Hills Cop

The First Album You Ever Purchased: Tiffany

The First Single You Ever Purchased: I was too cheap to purchase singles

The TV Theme of Your Childhood: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Favorite Song From Sesame Street: Letter B

What Were You Banned From Listening To In Your Childhood: Kiss, for some unfathomable reason. My dad was usually pretty okay - I mean, it was fine for me to listen to Black Sabbath, but something about Kiss triggered his spidey sense.

Rock Song That Rocked Ghetto/Ghetto Song That Rocked The Suburbs (as a kid): Um. Blackened by Metallica was one of the first metal songs I liked. Though maybe I don't understand the question.

First Cassette You Got For Your First Walkman: Definitely a mix tape of tunes I recorded off the radio - it probably included Debbie Gibson, Enigma, Roxette, Huey Lewis & the News, Tiffany, Belinda Carlisle, and New Kids on the Block.

Best Cosby Show Theme: It was always the same theme song. The only thing that changed was the video. So this doesn't really go well with this survey.

Favorite Soundtrack Of Youth: The Top Gun Soundtrack. Danger Zone is just an awesome tune.

Song That Played When You Got In Trouble And Grounded At Home: Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne: When I Close my Eyes Forever - I got very dramatic when I got in trouble.

Song That Played When You Thought You Was About To Get Some: Enigma - The Principles of Lust

Song That Played When You Got Some: Same song

The Theme To Your First Break Up In High School: I remember this vividly - it was a song called The Oath from a filk album called The Horsetamer's Daughter. I sang it to myself as I threw the necklace given to me by my first boyfriend off a bluff.

The First Compact Disc You Ever Bought (not Album/Cassette): I have to give the same answer as Laura :"I don't remember - I didn't get a CD player until college. At which point I joined BMG and Columbia record clubs and owed them lots and lots of money." I think Nine Inch Nails' Downward Spiral and Tori Amos Boys for Pele were among the first ones.

Album That You Stole From A Friend: I never stole any albums from a friend, but I pirated many.

Your Favorite Album You Think Your Friend Stole: My brother borrowed Tool's Aenima from me, and then it was stolen from his car. I was too lazy and cheap to replace it.

5 Songs You'd Put On A Mixtape For A Potential Loved One: Cafe 1930 by Astor Piazzolla, Alone by Heart, Blame it on Me the Barenaked Ladies, Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, Julia Florida by Augustin Barrios

Song To Best Describe Your Best Relationship: Your Song by Elton John. Yes, even before Moulin Rouge came out.

Song To Best Describe Your Worst Breakup: You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette. I played it incessantly

First Concert You Ever Went To: Lollapalooza '93 - that concert introduced me to Tool, Alice in Chains, and Primus. It was awesome!

Most Magical Concert You Ever Went To: Lollapalooza '94 - what a great concert - Green Day opened! Beastie Boys, George Clinton, Smashing Pumpkins!

Worst Concert You Ever Went To: Yngvie Malmsteen. He was so over.

Song So Hype You'd Run Your Moms Over With A Trash Truck Going 100 mph: What?

Song That Has The Ability To Make You Cry: Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen

The One Song That Has The Ability To Make You A Kid Again: The theme song from Animaniacs

Song You Are Ashamed To Admit You Love: I'm not ashamed of any of the songs I love.

Song/Album That You Have To Gunpoint Others To: Does this mean force them to listen to at gunpoint? Nothing - my tastes in music are not so revolutionary that it's very hard to get people to listen to anything.

If You Were To Marry Now What Song Would Be Your Wedding Song?: I don't know - I'd have to think about that quite a bit.

What Song Best Describes Your Children/Future Children?: I really have no idea.

Who Killed Music?: Britney Spears, without a doubt.

Who Keeps Music Alive For You?: Mark Knopfler

Song Playing Right Now: Nothing right now.

And now time for a cat picture!