Some Randomness

I realized that I'm not taking credit for my other blogging duties, so I thought I'd point to a post I made on the MCLC TechTalk Blog earlier this week.

When I went to the gym yesterday morning, my weight room was completely empty except for me. Until 2 burly guys game in. They had that puffed up muscularity, where it looks like someone attached a bike pump to their bicep and pumped them up - not like a really developed muscle. It didn't help that they were a little roly poly to boot. In any case, it's amusing to be in the gym with these young bucks, seeing them puff themselves up and show off a little bit, playing on the equipment.

Update: I was thinking about this post later, and realized that I probably didn't make my point, which was that I thought it was funny the way they were lounging around, posing, posturing, casually hanging on the chin-up bars, and languidly doing a few brief body-building sets (3-5 reps, as opposed to my 10-15 for stamina training). Which reminded me of adolescent deer head-butting each other. Not that I thought these kids were good-looking in any way.

And, just for the record, I was trying to do a little search to find an image of what I mean by puffy muscles, and Oh MY GAWD there are some bizarre body building images out there. Just be careful, boys and girls. Watch yourselves.