Some delayed blogging

I wish that I could blog during my bike ride - perhaps that my phone could jack into my brain and transcribe my thoughts. I've been meaning to blog about a few things, but sometimes it's hard to sit down and just do it.

From a couple of weeks ago, I read Don't let Google and the Pennypinchers Get You Down: Defending (or Redefining) Libraries and Librarianship in the Age of Technology which I found pretty inspirational. As recommended by Mr. Crowley, I started reading Reading Matters. I haven't finished it yet, but it is pretty interesting.

Yesterday, I heard about the Everything is Miscellaneous Google Tech Talk presentation by David Weinberger. I was surprised to hear about this from colleagues talking about it outside of my office, rather than discovering it through my aggregator. I was also very amused that I was surprised by this. The video is great, Weinberger is an engaging presenter, the topic is interesting. I love thinking about how the digital medium is so ripe for interconnectedness, something that really started making my brain tingle a year ago when I read Scan This Book in the New York Times. The potential of this concept is just amazing! It really makes me excited about the future of information discovery and retrieval!

After I first watched the video though, I didn't think I'd blog about it - after all, I'm sure many of the bibliobloggers WILL dissect, discuss, and analyze this video, and I didn't want to be another voice on the bullletin board saying "I agree." But then I read Say Anything (where I was directed by The Shifted Librarian) and really started thinking about how everyone has a unique voice. I know I rarely delve very deeply into anything, but that doesn't mean I don't have anything to say, or that my contributions are less important than others. If nothing else, I think it's SOMETHING that I get excited about these things, that it makes me optimistic about the future of my profession.

Finally, today is the finals for the Scripps National Spelling Bee! Arizona has a great competitor in Jonathan Horton, who tied for 6th place last year! He's still in it as of Round 5 after successfully spelling "pteridology". Make sure to watch tonight!