Quiet...but not TOO quiet

I always love campus in the summer. Especially now, during intersession, when the place is empty. On a campus of 50,000 people, it really makes a difference. This morning I went to the gym - it was nearly deserted. There was a hush as I rode up and parked my bike outside. I went in and only a saw a couple of other diehards. It was very soothing and meditative as I did my reps in near silence.

I get pretty possessive of the space through the summer, then am always a little taken aback by the return of the hordes of scantily-clad students in August. Not saying I don't enjoy the vitality of the crowded campus - but there's just something about being able to go to the student union and not wait in line.


  1. Grrr,
    I messed up and lost this long comment. I even called myself 1337 and then cracked up.

    Anyway, I enjoy the lack of people as well. It means I can drive the carts too fast and too furious. But also I feel like a techie because I added your blog to my protopage. Do you have a public protopage?

  2. I'm very proud of you for subscribing to my blog!

    My Protopage is not public, except for a shared page for an ebook project. I mostly use it for work and keep track of all my crap. I love it!


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