Friday Morning Bike Ride

I've really been enjoying the weather this week, especially on my bike ride to work. The highs right now are around 100, so it's probably about 80 degrees by the time I drag my lazy ass out on the road to work. The sun is warm and welcoming, there's a light breeze that still is a little cool - I treasure that now since in a month, it will be like a heater. The air has been pretty clear lately, so I enjoy looking at the various peaks I see - Tempe Butte, Papago Park, Camelback in the distance.

The Arizona Republic has been running articles nearly every day this week on sustainability issues - water conservation, air quality legislation, mass transit. It makes me happy that it's something that is showing up every day, even if it's not a huge article. I think that it will gradually permeate into everyone's brain, little by little, to do the little things that add up to a huge difference, if they see it every day.

I've been impatient to do my own part - I want to put solar panels on my house, improve the insulation, get energy-efficient windows (I was so jealous when the St. Weech's did theirs last year), energy-efficient appliances, and dammit, a low-flow shower head. This last is probably all we will swing in the near future. I wish all these things were not so expensive. And that the house didn't already need so much work - before solar panels, the roof must be reshingled.

My friend Kerry has started her own blog, which I'm very proud of her for. I loved what she wrote for her "about me" section, about sustainability and conservation. I wish I could grow my own garden, but I am do I put it...horticulturally challenged....I have plastic plants in my house. I can't keep anything but devil's ivy alive. I've tried, believe me - I love plants.

I reconcile myself with my bike riding. At least I'm not contributing to the brown cloud or traffic problems. And I pedal a little faster to burn off the desserts at all the library parties yesterday.