5 Books

My friend Laura has a great blog challenge this week: LIST FIVE BOOKS THAT BEST REPRESENT YOU. So I'm giving it a try, but it's been very hard. Not books that I enjoy, or books that changed my life, but books that represent me. Huh.
  1. Anne of Green Gables - like Laura, Anne really resonates with me. I love the values that are emphasized in these books: imagination, creativity, education, family, friendship, home, community.
  2. Eats, Shoots, and Leaves - again, like Laura, poor punctuation can drive me into a rage. Though I still have a tendency to abuse commas, poor things.
  3. The Five Love Languages - this book represents my commitment to my marriage and how important my husband is in my life. I have found it immensely helpful in understanding how I communicate, and how Chris communicates. They are definitely not the same thing.
  4. So You Want to Be a Wizard - I SO want to be a wizard, and I'm also committed to slowing the entropic heat-death of the universe. This book series represents both my love of magic and environmentalism. I know that's kind of a crazy combination, but I didn't really want to include Ecotopia Emerging as a book that represents me.
  5. The Book on the Bookshelf - even though I've become more of a techie librarian, I do have a real love for books. I read this book while working on my MLS, and I loved it. There's a part of me that would really just like to be a book detective - forget all this Library 2.0 crap - I want to analyze ink, typesetting, paper composition, and watermarks!
So there you have it. I put some books down even I didn't expect, and there could definitely be quite a few more. What about you? What 5 books best represent YOU?