Some thoughts on a Monday

First of all, the important news is Blizzard has reinstated my husband's WoW account. It turns out it WAS compromised - he discovered a trojan on his computer, and after cleaning it up, logged into Warcraft to find his character dead, lying naked in a ditch - all her worldly possessions stripped and bank account cleared. Okay, she wasn't really in a ditch, but she was dead and nearly naked except for a blue shirt.

It's bizarre to think that here's a trojan that could have infected all sorts of things on his computer - after all, we were doing our taxes, accessing all sorts of really important financial information - but it was solely targeted towards stealing virtual property from a virtual character. Life is pretty funny sometimes.

You'll be happy to know that my computer was clean, and all my characters are safe.

I'm catching up on the library blogs, and thinking that I still don't get Twitter - I can see some uses for it, and I admit I've always enjoyed IM. But here's the frustrating thing about social networking: all the people I really WANT to network with are either not interested or on the wrong network. For example:
  • Some friends are on MySpace, some friends are on Livejournal, some friends are just blogging. Why can't have I have a social networking aggregator? Something like Meebo or bloglines that can group it all together in one place.
  • Speaking of Meebo - I don't use it because I want my IM to also tell me when I get new emails. I'm an addict, I admit it.
  • I'd probably like Twitter, IF I could use it in place of IM and texting. I do like to text, but mostly only my husband - who would not use Twitter.
  • It seems that I'm the Web 2.0 junkie of all my friends - getting them to IM is often a challenge.
  • And, despite all my internet addictions, I'm very good at turning the computer off and spending time with myhusband. Now, if the Xbox, my phone, and my computer were all linked, I might be in trouble. And I know this day is not far off.
Today, I read on Information Wants to be Free a small paragraph that really resonated with the way I feel about my job these days:
I don’t know if it’s that we have trouble with the traditional organizational structure. I think it’s that we have a lower tolerance for bad organizational cultures, bad managers and bad leadership.
I love reading these wonderful library blogs in my blogrolls, because they remind me that there IS a reason I wanted to do this, and they give me hope that I will find my place - that there are others who are passionate about librarianship!