Carnival of the Infosciences #68

Welcome back to my mean and green site for the 68th edition of the Carnival of the Infosciences! Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen traffic jam on the intertubes, all carnival submission was halted, and I have been sacked. Please tune in below for the dancing llamas.

Ha ha. Well, of course that's my attempt at an April Fool's Joke. We have a great edition of the carnival for you all to enjoy!
  • Due to an unfortunate mishap in the past (this was submitted to the last carnival), John Dupuis looks into the future in his post My Job in 10 Years: Instruction at Confessions of a Science Librarian. John has been doing a series on this topic, and I think it's something all infoscientists should take a stab at - don't be afraid of that crystal ball!

  • In a similar vein, Mark Lindner presents How To Make The Most of Distance Education posted at Life as I Know It, saying, "I'd like to submit Jennifer Macauley's post as an excellent discussion of the responsibility all students need to take for their own educations, and a list of things to do towards that end." I only wish I had heard of blogs when I started my distance program - these tips would have quite come in handy!

Well, that's all for this edition of the Carnival! I'm not sure who the next host will be - the schedule is suspiciously blank. Perhaps my little April Fool's joke will come true!

Of course it won't! Send your submissions for Carnival of the Infosciences #69 through our carnival submission form. Once and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Until next time!
Update: I can never do the carnival without editing the post several times - please have patience with my fiddling!


  1. What a great Carnival edition. Anali, thank you so much for donating your time to the greater good. Looks like the submissions are picking up. Whooo Rayyy...

  2. LOL! Good joke. :-)

    Thanks so much! Lots of good things to explore here.

    Looks like Library Cogs has (have?) volunteered to be our next host.



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