On Blogging, Information Overload, and what is the deal with Twitter?

This post, in general, is just a random assortment of thoughts that have been swirling around in my head of late.

I recently joined ALA, which I feel pretty good about, and am somewhat bemused now at the amount of mail that is now coming my way. I unsubscribed from an email newsletter (which always gets labelled "news" in my gmail, archived, only to be put aside when I have time to read it), I've received 2 conference notices via snail mail (I rarely get mail of any kind, it's all addressed to the man of my house), and also received a job opening notification, which makes me wonder why I didn't join ALA when I was job hunting. I also got the ALA magazine American Libraries - a cover article was on library bloggers, so naturally that's where I went first. Let me make it clear that I have no aspirations to be an "A-List" library blogger - I am certainly too erratic a poster, and I rarely have anything particularly insightful or original to say - but it does make me feel a little gooey inside when I get some link love from another blogger. Hence my hosting of the Carnival in a few weeks. Anyway, the article led me on a tanget -

I've been thinking lately about Second Life, and the library presence there. On one hand, I'm really happy that librarians are getting into games and such, but on the other hand, Second Life is so not my kind of game that I almost would hesitate to call it a game. Does it have challenges, goals, puzzles, scoring, anything? It seems to me to be more of a online social place. Which is all fine. Just not very game-like. I need to get experience and loot, at least, to want to play a game! Naturally, I play quite a bit of World of Warcraft (you all know this), and I've always felt that the librarians in-game (currently they are NPCs - non-player characters) should be THE place to go for game info - there are websites and search engines and wikis galore devoted to this game. Wouldn't it be nice, instead of having to ALT-TAB out to search Thottbot, to be able to ask the Librarian in Ironforge to help you out? (Incidentally, if anyone from Blizzard thinks this is a good idea, I know a librarian or two who'd be willing to apply for the job - a particularly grumpy one comes to mind...)

This leads me to this post from WoW Insider - a blog I only discovered recently and have been enjoying ever since. I seriously considered applying for the columnist job. The only thing holding me back is that, when it comes down to it, I'm pretty sure I'd rather PLAY WoW than write about it.

So, I mentioned information overload - I've been feeling it a little. It's been hard to keep up on everything these days. Maybe I should weed through my RSS subscriptions some. Or allot more time for blog reading? Because I'm not sure I get Twitter, and I think this is a sign of my information overload. I mean, I think I have the general gist of it, because I love instant messaging. I'd probably be all over it in a minute if I thought my friends would be interested. But I'm still having friends balk at being on MySpace. And honestly, another symptom of my information overload, the thought of having to sign up for yet another web thing, user name and password, find someplace to put it on my protopage, etc. just makes my head swim.