Little revelations

Tuesday I gave a little presentation for the MCLC TechTalk interest group on RSS feeds and aggregators. I've never really considered myself a "techie" - to me that's the person who actually programs the RSS - but after this presentation I think I'd better resign myself to being one. Compared to many librarians, I really am.

It's funny, I've never doubted for a moment my nerdness, but have had trouble accepting the techie label.

In any case, the presentation went well, and I really enjoyed giving it. It's nice to see the lightbulb shine in people's eyes as they grasp that an RSS feed is really nothing to be afraid of and is actually pretty simple to use. I even got a few "oohs" as I showed how Feedity could scrape a page to generate a feed (here's my example, on a shared Google Reader page). I only learned about Feedity that morning, thanks to Roseline, who was collaborating with me on gathering information for the presentation, so I was as thrilled as everyone else.

This is the first time I've given a presentation outside of ASU, and I'm glad I had such a good experience. I learned a few new things myself, and it has reminded me that this library business really is something I love. I've often wondered over the past year if I'd made a mistake - now I'm sure I haven't. I guess it just takes a little time to figure this out.

I composed this entire entry on my phone in Word Mobile. I love being able to do that!