Home sick

I've been stricken with a cold for the past week. It really hasn't been that bad, as far as colds go, but it's been enough for me to miss work 3 of 5 days. I'm home today again, after working for 2 days, because it's migrated to my chest and causing me cough enough to lose my voice. I despise being sick, but I can't complain since I haven't been sick since last spring.

I'm taking some time to catch up on my blog reading, which has been getting out of hand. I think I'm going to have to dump some of my subscriptions, but it's hard to choose. I really like reading Docuticker and ResourceShelf, for example, but if I miss a week, there's 200 entries that have piled up.

Saw a post for a conference I'd really like to attend - the ALA TechSourch Gaming, Learning and Libraries Symposium - but I'm afraid that it's just not applicable to my current job, and I don't know if I can justify the expense on my own. While I greatly enjoyed my experience at the Charleston Conference last November, the funding issue has really put me off conference going. Everyone tells me to attend ALA, but if I go, it will use up all my funding for the year. Same for Charleston, which was really applicable to my job, but now I have about $100 left in my travel funds. And that doesn't cover other conferences I'm really interested in, but have no particular reason to go - other than knowing about this stuff (like blogs) is part of what makes me valuable at ASU. The Associate University Librarian sent me a job posting for a gaming librarian position because she knows I'd be interested - and I know she values that interest even though it has nothing to do with what I get paid for in my job.

A rambling post, I know, but my excuse is that I'm congested. But to round off, BibliOdyssey, as usual, has some amazing posts that are worth a look - I particularly enjoy the frog.


  1. I feel your pain - I caught something from Aidan, and it's not fun. Oh well. At least I can cah up on some reading.


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