Semester's first week

It's the Friday afternoon of the first week of the semester, so things have been pretty busy. But definitely good!

Here's a few highlights from my week:
  • Last week I attended the first meeting of a new Maricopa County Library group called TechTalk, to discuss what we want to accomplish - not surprisingly, technology and libraries. We'll be meeting monthly, and I'm the co-administrator of a new blog. Check it out!
  • I helped a music student play a vinyl lp on a listening station - poor girl didn't know which side was "up" and how to "advance tracks."
  • I did 2 library instruction sessions yesterday (including an eveing class) and 2 more sessions this morning. I love doing instruction sessions!
Update: I didn't finish this post, and now it's Monday. The weekend was too nice to spend blogging.


  1. I'm jealous that you get to do instruction! :)

    I'm taking a class in Information Literacy Instruction this semester, and I'm really into it.

    NIck L.


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