New Year

Well, I had a very nice holiday, much of which was spent, surprisingly, NOT in front of the computer. I barely played World of Warcraft at all!

That doesn't mean I didn't play games. We had a lovely gaming time - I gave Ticket to Ride to my hubby for his birthday, which we played several times. He bought World of Warcraft: The Trading Card Game packs for both of us (as well as preordering the Burning Crusade Expansion for the MMORPG). We got our niece Blokus, and really geeked out on that in Chicago (it kept us awake until midnight, no problem). We received Dread Pirate as a gift, and my husband also bought BattleLore. 2007 will be a great year for games!

Typically, I haven't felt like the New Year was the start of a new year - I've been on an academic calendar for so long, September always feels like the time of renewal and reflection. This year, though, I feel a little something. A little urge to make some corrections, a little refreshment from the blahs of 2006.

I've actually made a couple of resolutions:
  1. I will take 1 picture a day for each day of 2007. Just for the hell of it. I read about it in Lifehacker and thought it sounded cool. Granted, I already missed a day (Jan. 3), but I will not miss any more days. I'm posting them on my Flickr account, and upgraded to Pro! It should keep things interesting, at least for me.
  2. My main resolution is to have a better attitude about my job - I figure that if I can concentrate on being optimistic and improving my productivity, I'll be a happier person overall, and won't be so dependant on other aspects of my job. When it comes down to it, I'm lucky to have the job I do, and I really shouldn't let anything get me down. Yes, I'm being cryptic, but that's what you'll get. I do feel pretty good about this resolution, though.
So, mainly, 2007 will be a big improvement over 2006. I can feel it. Happy New Year!