Cyber Monday

On my last post, I received my first comment spam. I definitely like to encourage comments, but not spam, so I'm now moderating non-member comments. If it's spam, it won't get posted.

Via Kottke, I found this list of logic problems that I submit for your slacking pleasure (just in time for finals, I know). I'm particularly miserable at solving these types of problems, mainly from lack of patience and laziness. However, according to this post, I should be banned from spewing profundities at coctail parties. Since I rarely (if ever) go to coctail parties, I think the world is safe from my banal proclamations.

At Library Stuff yesterday, there's a list of throw-away email address services. It's a nice idea, and one I should start utilizing. Too many things ask for my email address before I can read an article, and while my spam has been fairly under control, it can only get worse.

Now if there were only something to manage all my passwords!

In other news, Protopage launched version 3 today, and so far I like! My only complaint, which recurs from v.2, is that some web widgets take over Protopage (like Blogger Beta, for example!), thus cutting off any other things you have going simultaneously in the same window (such as my christmas music channel on Pandora). That stinks, and is rather counter-productive.