Charleston day 3

Well, my days at the conference are definitely looking up! The dinner I went to last night was extremely nice: everyonr there was very friendly and casual, there was some fun conversation, spectacular food, delicious wine, and an unbelievable dessert! I ate southern food - some fish known as a "wahoo" with an excellent bbq sauce,grits, and sauteed collard greens,
followed by a delicious ice cream with berries. Pictures of all the food items will be forthcoming once I get home.

Today was hugely busy - I only had about 40 minutes to myself all day (from 7 AM to 11 PM), and only that because I left my lunch session out of sheer disinterest. That's not to say the conference hasn't been interesting. All the sessions I attended were well presented, some great topics, and interesting discussion. A big topic at the conference has been Open Access, and since that's a big part of my job, I've gotten some great ideas and discussion to take home. And that was really the point of my coming to this conference.

I've met some very nice people as well, and I look forward to keeping in touch - one of the best things about this kind of conference is that we're all working on very similar things, so it gives us a great excuse to communicate with our colleagues.

Tonight I had dinner at another fancy restaurant with our major approval vendor (as mentioned before here, we recently started a new plan). This was a chance for me to meet our new rep. Some of their other customers were invited, so we had a nice small group of 6, 3 vendors and 3 librarians. It was a good group, and we had a nice time. I could get used to this wining and dining thing! I had a wasabi tuna dish,
with a delicious dessert. Again, pics will be posted when I get home.

It is late, and were I on my usual schedule, it'd be way past my bedtime, but the time zone here really screws me up. I'd better get to bed. More tomorrow!