Charleston day 2

Before falling asleep last night I resolved to find a new hotel. This
resolve was strengthened by a train that rattled by my window several
times during the night. So Wednesday morning I checked out and found
a cab to the conference - sans caffeine. I'm surprised I remembered
where I was!

Once at the conference, I had a pretty smooth time. There was a
corner coffee shop that provided me with coffee and a pumkin muffin,
as well as a phone book to try nearby hotels. Charleston has a
homecoming celebration this weekend, so it was a bit problematic
finding a place that wasn't booked on Friday, but I was eventually
successful. The cost is quite a bit more than I'd anticipated, but
after finally checking in, it's totally worth it, even if I don't get
completely reimbursed. I just feel a lot safer and cared for, which
I've discovered I really, REALLY need when traveling solo. Plus, this
place not only has free wifi, it has breakfast AND dinner! Glee!

I'm sure you're really interested in the conference - well, this
morning's preconference was "Evaluating Electronic Resources", which
was very intereting. I came away with a few ideas to take back. A
light lunch was provided, then the afternoon was the Vendor Showcase.
I got a ton of free swag (namely pens, but also a mug, some totes, and
best of all, a yo-yo!), which was slightly tempered by the realization
that I have to lug it all back somehow. I did get to put some faces
to names of some of our vendor contacts, and gave my card to perhaps
more people than I should, but I had fun.

I'm now relaxing at my new, blissful hotel room, and will soon venture
out again to the "Annual APA Librarian's Dinner", to which I was
invited, in Old Town Charleston. This will be my first chance to
really meet some new people, so I'm looking forward to it.

More rambling posts tomorrow, but rest assured I am now staying in a
reputable establishment. What a relief!