Charleston day 1.

It was a long, dreary trip to Charleston - there were airline delays,
a nearly missed flight, and a lack of food (I ate a package of corn
nuts for lunch, thinking I'd have time for food between flights)- but
I made it.
Update: Here's a pic from the plane, the clouds over Washington D.C. were spectacular!

My husband would agree when I say I have a knack for picking the worst
hotel in a given area. I did pick the cheapest out of the list given
on the conference website, so I shouldn't have expected much.
However, I thought I'd read that there was wifi here, but alas, not
so. There is also not a restaurant within walking distance, something
else I'd counted on. That's not so bad, I've ordered chinese
delivery, and I'm waiting pretty patiently, but it had better get here
soon - the corn nuts were burned off a long time ago.

So here's some tips for myself to remember for future solo travel:
  1. Pick a hotel close to the conference: it's worth it to pay a little more. Really.
  2. Pack more snacks.
  3. Don't rely on any time between flights to accomplish things such as eating or having a rest stop - unless, of course, you have more than 90 minutes between flights.

The food has arrived, so that's all for today. It's time to settle in
with some General Tso's Chicken, a Corona, and Charleston tv.

Update: turns out this is NOT the Howard Johnson mentioned by the
conference website - apparently that particular hotel changed its
name. So I'm staying at the wrong place - no continental breakfast
and no shuttle to the conference.

Good thing I ordered a beer.


  1. Yep, those sound like good things to remind yourself of in regards to travelling. The packing the snack I'm good with and I always seem to foist food on to people who are travelling. Here, have some apples, peppers, and the like. And chocolate. And bring a book and music. And don't ever pay for headphones to watch crappy Freddie Prinze, Jr, movies. The other one I got was decide whether you want to do the "outings" or not, presuming your conference has them. And try and do a non-conference moment or moments, whether it be reading your book in a coffee house or seeing a movie.

    I remember liking Charleston, but I haven't been there since I was in high school. The plantations are nice. D'you have any


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