Election 2006 #4

I received my early ballot in the mail yesterday. Did you sign up for one? If not, you have until Oct. 27 to request one here. Very handy.

I'm starting to feel a pinch on time, so I'm going to take a little shortcut. The Arizona Republic has an editorial today on the three immigration propositions: Prop 100, Prop 102, and Prop 300 (all PDFs). Generally, I disapprove of all the immigration proposals I've seen come up for the past several years - I feel they demonize human beings who are just trying to make a better life for themselves. Call me a bleeding heart liberal if you will, but my ethical beliefs will not allow me to watch desperate people die in the desert, no matter what nationality they are.

I plan to vote no on all these propositions - these are all no-brainers to me.


  1. Hi Anali

    I did in fact request a ballot but have not received it yet.

    I am also probably going to vote against those same measures as you are, after I look into them a bit closer. But it seems wrong to be so hard hearted towards other human beings. All anyone wants is a better life, and we should welcome those people into the country if you ask me... not very "conservative" is it?


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