Upcoming Elections

Traditionally, I have not posted much about politics on this site. This fall, however, I've decided to use my blog as a voting tool - mainly for myself, but also for the edification of anyone else who cares. From now until November elections, I'll discuss ballot items and my personal choices. This will be focused more on local Arizona issues and not the nation as a whole.

Just as a disclaimer - I am not a policital scientist. These are my own personal opinions and views. I welcome civil, intelligent discourse, but please don't comment if you can't come up with anything other than "You're stupid" and "Bush Rocks."

To get started, I just wanted to give a little perspective on my political beliefs - my credo, if you will. These are the places from which I view nearly every political issue. These are the issues I get passionate about.
  • Civil Rights: I believe that all men/women are created equal and should not be discriminated against for reasons of physical appearance, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, economic status, religious affiliation, physical/mental disability, favorite foods, primary language ability, educational status, political orientation, etc. I am most likely to oppose any legislation that will restrict the rights of any of these groups.
  • Education: I believe that equal education for all is supremely important for the future of our society. It should be one of our nation's top priorities. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. Candidates and propositions that support education, teacher payment and benefits, and do not discriminate against English-Language learners, poorer school districts and troubled youth will have my full support.
  • Environment: I believe that preserving and caring for our environment is also vital to the future of our society, even our existance. The past and current policies regarding the environment seem to have been focused only on the present and not worried about future sustainability. Issues that are related to the environment are items that have my undivided support and attention, including alternative transportation/fuels/energy sources, preservation of natural resources, monitoring air/earth/water quality, etc.
  • Civilization: I believe that we should be an enlightened society. I believe that one can be moral without imposing religion on others. I believe that there can be civil discourse between nations. I believe that violence is not the answer. I believe that torture is immoral and inexcusable. I believe in staying true to your beliefs in the face of adversity. I also believe that we are part of a global community, and have a responsibility to that community.
I will try to keep my discussions within this context, and will try to refrain from bashing anyone. Again, while I am not a political scientist or philosopher, I think that this list of logical fallacies should be required reading for all politicians, and indeed, anyone!

Lastly, I firmly believe that libraries and librarians should be more active in the election process. Not advocating for their personal political views, but encouraging people to vote and providing voting information, e.g. voter registration, information on ballot items, etc. I think libraries are uniquely suited to this purpose.