Election 2006 #2

I'd just like to point out that in the right sidebar, I've linked to the Arizona Secretary of State page, which has a listing of everything on November's ballot (candidates and measures), and you can also register to vote, if you haven't already. You must register by October 9th. You can also request a mail ballot, which is my favorite way to vote - that way it shows up at my door and I have plenty of time to ponder my choices.

I've also linked to the Arizona State Legislature page, which includes a map of the legislative districts, if you don't know yours. My legislative district is 16, which is the South Phoenix district. Those of you in Tempe are in district 17. The rest of you will just have to look it up, I can't do everything!

State Senator - District 16: Linda Aguirre, the Senate Minority Leader, is the incumbent, but she has reached her term limit, so must step down. I've voted for her in the past, and I'm grateful for her service to the state.
  • Leah Landrum is the Democratic Candidate for the Senate. She was previously a representative for this district. Quick Google searches do not turn up a campaign website, but here's a questionnaire from the AZ Republic. I agree with her on many issues, such as deferring tax cuts until long-term financial decisions have been made, depoliticizing environmental and immigration issues, and a commitment to funding education. I'm sad that she supports the same-sex marriage amendment. Her Project Vote-Smart profile is still being updated.
  • Daniel Veres is the Republican Candidate. His website doesn't delve very deeply into the issues, nothing comes up that rings any alarms - environment - good, education - good. The Republic questionnaire, surprisingly, is more appealing to me than Landrum's - not only does he echo her responses regarding the environment, health care, immigration and education, he does NOT support the same-sex amendment on the ballot this fall. His Project Vote-Smart profile also has some intriguiging answers. Could it be that I might vote for a Republican?
It looks like I'll have to ponder this match-up. I hate to discriminate against Veres because of his party affiliation, but I'm very distrustful of the Republican party right now. Leah Landrum does have experience in the legislature, and I suppose I can't expect a candidate to reflect my views exactly ALL the time.

I'm ready for lunch, so I'll cover the candidates for state representatives tomorrow.