Election 2006 #1

I wish that I could blog my thoughts on my bike ride to work - I've just come from reading the paper and I have all sorts of ideas just bouncing around. I'm also trying to WORK while I'm at work, so that makes blogging low on my priority list until later (unless I blog on issues that I justify as being work related).

So, my political blogging has been delayed. However, I'm ready to go.

The first two issues I'll focus on are the Arizona U.S. Senate Seat, and Arizona Governor, arguably the most important races in the upcoming election.

As an aside, my district's representative to the House, Ed Pastor, is NOT up for election this cycle, which I am extremely happy about. If he were, though, he'd definitely have my vote. He's terrific, I think he's the best representative from Arizona. I'm proud that he represents my district.
  • Update: I've been corrected that he is up for re-election. The other candidates for District 4 are Republican Don Karg and Libertarian Ronald Harders (write in), just for your informed reading. I, of course, will definitely support Ed Pastor (campaign site).

Okay, now for the Senate seat. John Kyl is the incumbent. His Democratic challenger is Jim Pedersen.
Kyl is not my favorite person, to put it mildly. The chances of me voting for him are less than zero - I think my cat would do a better job. He and I just have very different opinions on what is important. Here is his voting record on several key issues in the last year or so, which I think speaks for itself.
Pedersen, on the other hand, seems to be basing his campaign on Kyl-bashing and counting on voters to choose him because he is NOT John Kyl. Sadly, this ploy will work in my case because I'm desperate - I just said I'd vote for my cat. But take notice, Jim, I don't approve of your campaign. I would definitely be more impressed by a candidate who takes the higher moral ground - why don't you spend your money and attention on telling me who you ARE rather than who you're not?

Now for the Governor's chair. This is a no-brainer for me...I heart Janet! I've been extremely impressed by her management of the state for the last four years, and hope and pray for another four years of her leadership. She's a woman who stands up for her beliefs and does what is right.

Len Munsil doesn't have a chance. I had every intention of giving him a chance, until he started calling Phoenix's 9/11 memorial "unamerican" because it includes some anti-war statements, and once I visited his site today, found it to be more whiny ramblings on how the Democrats are out to get him, Janet is responsible for the "unamerican" memorial, and thinks Rush Limbaugh is the bee's knees. Sorry, Len, but I think you've really shot yourself in the foot on this campaign. I look for a little maturity in candidates who are responsible for running a state, not high-school interpersonal conflicts. There are a lot of Americans who are against this war, that believe that violence is not the answer to violence (or, indeed, anything), and also believe in letting EVERYONE, even whiny gits, have a voice.

Next up, I'll discuss the more local candidates.


  1. Anali, thanks for doing this as I don't always track these things myself. I usually ask people of the like-mind before I go vote and see if there's anyone they're leaning towards. And then after that, particularly during the smaller elections where I know nothing I go for non-waspy names and interesting names and women as opposed to the old dudes network.

  2. "As an aside, my district's representative to the House, Ed Pastor, is NOT up for election this cycle"

    Are you sure about that? Members of the House of Representatives are elected for two-year terms: They're up for election every two years.

    I don't see how he can not be up for election unless he's retiring.

  3. Holy Cow! Thanks Walt, he IS up for re-election. His webpage doesn't mention it at all.


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