Carnival of the Infosciences #52

Welcome this week's Carnival, on a beautiful Labor Day!

I only received one submission this week, from Nicole at What I Learned Today, in which she talks about the possibilities of Open Source software and the negativity that often arises when it is discussed as an option in libraries.

In the spirit of Labor Day (trying to do as little work as possible) my editor's choices today will be Blog Day entries, in which bloggers name another 5 blogs that they read or are inspired by. The hope of Blog Day is that you'll be introduced to blogs outside of your normal browsing/reading list. I hope that Carnival readers this week will find at least 1 new blog to follow for a while.

Meredith Farkas at Information Wants to be Free wishes us a Happy Blog Day.

Alane from It's All Good adds her contributions.

Michael Stevens of Tame the Web offers a visually pleasing list, and includes his entry from last year for your discovering pleasure.

LIS Michael Habib gives us a diverse list with not 5 but 6 beautiful blogs!

The folks at Library Garden give us three separate blog day entries, the benefit of having multiple authors:
Finally, I'll wish you all a Happy Labor Day! If you're a library employee in the U.S. and Canada, chances are you have today off. As you enjoy a barbecue, some nice weather (in Phoenix it's actually under 100 today!), time with friends and family, take a few minutes to cherish a paid holiday and remember those who worked so hard to fight for worker's rights.