Quick linking

I realized I haven't been posting here too much lately, but here's a few things that are making me think a little:

First, I'm sure everyone's heard about the Domesday book being digitized by the National Archives of the UK. And that 2% of Britons surveyed thought it was a novel by Dan Brown, while another 13% thought it was a book in the Bible. This says a few things about people, but I'm not quite sure which I'd like to go into...

Secondly, UCLA is creating a new program called the rare book school which provides training in the field of rare books and manuscripts. While I've very much a 21st century sort of woman, and love my technology, I have a deep and abiding reverence for old books and manuscripts. I think one of the most spiritual experiences of my entire life was gazing on the Book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin.

For my new job, I've been reading and studying a lot about the Open Access Movement and it's ties with scholarly communication (hence the addition of a few blogs in my blogroll). A great thing about OA is discovering full-text scholarly research online, that's freely available to read: like this dissertation on women in role-playing games. I will totally be reading all 325 pages of this dissertation! But how else would I have discovered it?