I'm really impressed with a blog I've started reading lately.  Yehuda is "Internet professional and game designer writing about games (especially board games), Israel, and technology."  I definitely approve of his taste in games, and his penchant for throwing up the U.S. Copyright Code in Verse.  Anyone who can do that is worth reading in my book.

Yesterday he posted an interesting perspective on the Israel/Lebanon/Hezbollah conflict.  Being in Jerusalem, he has a first hand view of what's going on, and he points out the differences between western civilization's opinions on media, and how these extremists view media.

In other news, I sent off pleas to Arizona's senators (Kyl and McCain) to vote against DOPA, House Resolution 5139.  This is the one that passed resoundingly in the House, but contains overly general language describing social networking sites (they target MySpace, but their language would include any blog site, Flickr, Library Thing, and many other sites that are harmless), which would be banned in schools and libraries that accept federal funding.  Please, write to YOUR senators and ask them to see reason - it's better to educate children and parents how to protect themselves online than to randomly ban any website that includes "chat rooms."

Finally, I've added some blogs to my blogroll that deal with Open Access and Scholarly Communication - one of the focuses of my new job.  I love finding blogs to read that apply to my work!