Game Con

We're attending the Phoenix ConGames this weekend, our last busy weekend of the summer. It should certainly be a good time, the Dead Gentlemen and Peter Adkinson are guests, several friends are attending, and we fully intend on a proper gaming binge.

Library Thing started a new groups feature, which I like very much. I've already joined 4 groups: Librarians who Library Thing, Phoenicians, Gamers, and our book club group (which I started). I also finally figured out the watch list, and tracked down one friend who is also on Library Thing.

This is my first full week at the new job - I'm still settling in, but I think I'm starting to get more of a feel for it, and I know that next week we'll really be ramping it up and getting busy. Hopefully, I'll manage to squeeze in enough sleep over the weekend to not be too exhausted on Monday.

Next week begins a return to normalcy, as our social schedule eases up, my husband begins to return to work, and the anticipation of school starting rises. Even though I'm not taking classes any more, I still love the beginning of the semester.

I've been reading a few new blogs, the Zenformational Professional and Happyville Library, both of which are very personal library blogs. While I don't think I'd feel comfortable getting all THAT personal, seeing that you can have a library blog that's not entirely about new developments in the library world allows me to relax a bit about my own writing. Perhaps I'll finally start figuring out this whole blog thing.