Here's my opinion, quick and dirty: if we need a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriages in order to preserve the "sanctity of marriage", we should also forbid celebrity marriages and shows such as The Bachelor.  It seems to me that Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Carmen Electra, and countles others do more to desecrate the "sanctity" of marriage than thousands of same-sex couples could ever do, even if they tried.


  1. Constituional amendments have been used sparingly since the foubding of this country, and only to effect really important changes such as ending slavery or giving women the right to vote... with the unfortunate exception of the 19th (prohibition)... to pass an amendment to satisfy a narrow (minded) segment of society is ludicrous and not to be tolerated.

  2. I agree Anali... they should also pass an amendment nullifying Newt Gingrich's current marriage (his third) and prohibiting him from marrying anyone, ever!

  3. I agree as well. Am not feeling more articulate than that.


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