Library Comaraderie

I was in Bisbee, Arizona for the first time last weekend, and had the pleasure of wandering, tourist-like around the town. Here is a picture of the Copper Queen Library & Post Office. The library occupies the top two floors. It is one of the oldest libraries in the state.

In my Interlibrary Lending days, I sent books to the Copper Queen Library almost daily. I was tempted to go inside and introduce myself. ILL almost feels like it bestows a certain fame - delivering items as if by magic to other libraries in need. I often feel this way whenever I travel - that somehow these other libraries will know me by name (or at least by OCLC symbol) and toast my visit. I have never actually tested this hypothesis - when it comes down to it, I'm too shy. But it's fun to fantasize, and I do feel pretty certain that if I were to introduce myself, I would be made welcome. Because the library world is just like that.

John Scalzi of The Whatever advertises the Dewey Donation System - every year, this organization sets up a donation drive to libraries in need. This year, they are donating to the Harrison County Library system in Missouri, which was very hard hit by Hurricane Katrina. If you have a few spare dollars and minutes, head on over and pick out a book you'd like to contribute. Even though it's been nearly a year, these areas of the country are still very much in need of aid. I'm sure you'll remember at ALA this year.


  1. I was just thinking about how I would react if someone from another library's ILL stopped in to say hi. I guess that depends on who it is. I think that if it's someone who has always been pleasant and courteous, or even if it's someone I have never spoken to, I would be pretty cheerful to receive their visit. Sadly, however, there are a small number of people I have dealt with that I wouldn't be happy to see. I doubt any of them would casually drop by to say hello though.

    Knowing your high standard of service, I think any ILL department in the world would be happy to get a visit from you. Next time you get the urge, just do it! :-)


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