Carnival of the Infosciences #43

Welcome one and all to the forty-third showing of the Carnival of the Infosciences! I didn't receive very many submissions this week....perhaps I should have given a theme of "I'm not at ALA in New Orleans this weekend." I wonder how much ALA affects those of us left behind.

Our first entry is from Joe Kissell, who presents Membership Libraries: Interesting Thing of the Day posted at Interesting Thing of the Day. I was surprised to see such an old post, but I think it's great to get some older material to the Carnival. The idea of the subscription library is intriguing. In some ways, I think they could even be more popular today than they were a century ago. This may require some more thought for furture blogging.

Tara at DIY Librarian suggested two posts: My Library Peeps, followed by Retail Reference. She talks about what we call our library patrons/customers/users/civilians and what we should call them. We call them patrons at my library, or students.

Tara also follows up her own posts by pointing us to Library Planet's post on Patrons, Users and Customers.

For your editor's picks of the week, I have to admit being rather slack in my blog coverage over the past few days. However, The Shifted Librarian is giving some detailed ALA coverage, that will probably continue for a few more posts. I was struck with her notes on Scanning the Future @ Your Library, given by George Needham and Joan Fry Williams. It's interesting to me to have heard both of them speak separately in the last 3 months. While much of what was said isn't new information, I can bet it was a dynamic session!

Chad from Hidden Peanuts blogs about his first day at ALA. I would love to meet Neil Gaiman!

Finally, I'd like to direct you to BibliOdyssey. I can't remember what fated click-trail led me to this blog, but I think it's one of the most fantastic blogs I've ever seen. I can guarantee this blog will reawaken your love of books and libraries. EVERY library website should have something like this!

The Carnival will skip a week for the July 4th weekend, but will return on July 10th at InfoTangle. See you then!