LIS Career Article

I'm getting around to reading the May issue of LIS Career, and there's an article on Making the Leap from Paraprofessional to Professional in an Academic Library .  It offers some good advice, and has given me some food for thought.  So far, I've been fortunate in my own leap in my relationships with my former peers, though it helps that I don't have any supervisory responsibilities.  And it seems that my new peers aren't having problems accepting me in my new role, but we'll see if that changes once I'm no longer in a temporary position.

In some ways, it's almost more difficult for me to grasp.  I still have a proprietary outlook on ILL Lending services, and it's been hard remember that I need to attend conferences.  I think a few more months ought to set me straight.  And a mentor is a good idea.


  1. Anali

    I read that article, and it is very good. It really gave mne some food for thiought, as you said, even though I'm only a semester into the program.. Keep 'em coming! :)


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