Tired Saturday night musings

Today was a busy day - we helped a friend move her mother from an apartment to a trailer (it was the box of LPs that did me in), it was nearly 90 degrees today, and I played in a softball game in the early afternoon. I'm the kind of dead-dog tired that only moving and heat can produce, but cannot go to sleep yet because I just watched Bad Boys II, which was very gruesome and not very good, but I just couldn't turn it off! I'm definitely one of those people that has to be careful of what images I put into my imagination right before going to bed - I've been known to spend the whole night slaughtering hellspawn in my dreams after playing Diablo II late at night. It doesn't bother me too much, those hellspawn had it coming, but it's not the most restful ways to spend the night. I need to rearrange my Netflix queue to make sure I get a few good movies next.

I've been fiddling with the sidebar again, adding the Carnival button (I'm too lazy to make a link, but it's right there....), and changing my Library Thing widget so it shows the most recent addition, which I plan to be the book I'm currently reading...though it will inevitably be a day or so out of date.

The big news is that I have an interview for a NON-temporary (I hesitate to say permanent, but I'd hope it would be) librarian position in 2 weeks. This one is getting the whole Academic Professional treatment: dinner the night before "off the record" (but it's really not - you know you can't get smashed on margaritas, or order the most expensive thing on the menu), and an 8-hour interview itinerary the following day as a subject of close inspection for various interested parties. My chances here are probably pretty good, as long as I prepare well for the interview and manage to maintain my professional demeanor for an entire day. I'm pretty good for a couple of hours, but I start to struggle with my temper if subjected to stupid people for long stretches of time. I hope it won't come to that.

Anyway, I think I might be able to go to bed now without fear of running over cadavers in high speed police chases all night. Though I may have just jinxed that. Too gross.