After having this blog for nearly 2 years, I'm just now trying out the 'blog via email' option. This is my first test of that! I've also been doing various tweaks of the site: I've added some buttons; I added an " swicki" all the way at the bottom, which is something that I mean to investigate further, but you can use it to easily search keywords that I've placed as being somewhat relevant in some way to the contents of my blog; I cleaned up my blogrolls so that the blogs shown at the right are ones I particularly recommend (or else they belong to someone I know and wouldn't want to offend by omission), and I think that's mostly it. I'm pondering spending some time soon to figure out how to add content to the LEFT sidebar, so that the right isn't so cluttered. I'm sure it can't be all that difficult.

Just for fun, here's a link to a Resource Shelf entry which has some history of AltaVista's Babelfish service. I love history of the internet stuff, partially because it's just an amazing reminder of how far it's come in such a short period of time. Bablefish debuted in 1997!

I'm still recovering, mentally and physically, from last week's interview, cold, and whirlwind trip to California. I'm looking forward to catching up on some sleep this weekend. I don't think there was anything else I wanted to mention in this lengthy test.