Spread too thin

I've been thinking that my online presence was being spread too thin. Once you start looking at multiple email accounts, Blogger, Flickr, Del.icio.us, Library Thing - all of which require log ins and are used for adding and managing content, it can all get to be a bit much to juggle. My first idea was to use Protopage to just make a link list specifically for content, but wonder of wonders, when I logged into my Protopage account, they have a new webpage widget! This allows you to embed the whole page into Protopage! I'm writing this post now in a mini-window, and I can click on over to myDel.icio.us window at any time! It's similar to tabbed browsing, but without having to open all the tabs - by making my Protopage my browser home, I effectively open all these pages at once! I know there are several ways I can use this, and Protopage lets me have more than 1 page, so I can have one for work, one for content management, and one for lists (I keep lists of books and music I want to remember to check out later) and other junk. And it's accessible anywhere!

On an unrelated note, I'm in the process of redefining what I write about on this blog. I've been trying to keep to library-themed posts, but so many of the bloggers I read already say what I'm thinking and are much more articulate than I am, it's hard for me to justify reiterating their comments - I don't want to just link to their post and say "Yeah, I think so too." So I've decided that for the future, I'm just going to talk about whatever I want and not worry too much about it being completely focused on library topics. I'll probably lean quite a bit in that direction anyway, but I'll also talk about what I'm reading, what World of Warcraft quests I'm working on, and how awesome the weather is in Phoenix at the beginning of April (the citrus are blooming, it's wonderful!).


  1. Oh my goodness. Protopage is revolutionizing my life. I, too, have felt stretched from multiple online directions, and I haven't known how to manage all of the content content content! This is a great solution. I'm twittering with delight exploring Protopage. (That, or it's lunchtime.)

    As for the content on your blog - I'm not one for good advice on this sort of thing, but all I can suggest is to write about what you enjoy whether it's library-related, or tech, or WoW, or brown rice. Everything is good! :)

  2. Oh, and THANKS for suggesting Protopage! I'd never heard of it before! Credit where credit is due. ;)

  3. Yay, you have Dealing with Dragons up on your blog as part of your library. I just recently discovered them from one of my students and have gotten two other people hooked on them.

    I would've loved them when I was younger, but they weren't written yet. :). Morwen is tres excellent.


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