Wastin' time

Today I am staying home from work due to a neck injury. Nothing serious, I hope, but enough to warrant my very first chiroprator visit. I don't really feel too bad, but it hurts whenever I move my head - hence staying home. Luckily, my home computer set up is ergonomic enough (for those long gaming hours, hoo!) that it's fairly comfortable to sit here.

It's kind of nice to sit at home and not be sick. I've thought of all sorts of things I could do to pass the time - I'm reading David Eddings' The Mallorean series for probably the 3rd time mainly because I'm in the mood for that sort of brainless fantasy having just finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: an novel by Susanna Clarke, which is definitely NOT brainless but I enjoyed immensely.

I also have plans to play a little World of Warcraft, big surprise there. :-)

But surprisingly, I've finally delved into Library Thing and have spent over an hour goofing off there, adding a few of my favorite books. I think I could easily spend hours playing with this...I had to make a conscious decision that I've added enough for today and really should stop. It's entirely addictive, you can fuss over your library, picking covers, thinking of tags, making sure the cataloging information is up to your standards (good thing I'm not a cataloger, that's all I have to say). You can even view MARC records if you so choose. What's also fun is seeing who else owns your books and how they tagged and rated them. Following that, seeing what else fits in the same tag - which leads you to more books that you may not have discovered yet.

Many of the other library bloggers I read have raved over Library Thing, and now I'm a convert. I can think of several non-librarian friends, but fellow book-lovers/nerds, who would LOVE this.

For those of you music fiends, however, there's a new media cataloging website that's similar in scope: http://lib.rario.us/. I haven't tried this yet (perhaps the same with my rule that I can only play ONE MMORPG at a time, I'm now implementing ONE cataloging tool at a time), but it looks intriguing.


  1. Yay! Yay! I was wondering if/when you would get into LibraryThing. Adding books can become an obsession. :) Here's my random sampling of the collection.

  2. The Library thing looks truly dangerous, but oh so tempting.

    How was Norrell and Strange? Do you have to be in the right deep mood?


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