Delicious Roundup

Since I've finally started using, I've discovered the joys of tagging, and particularly, a "bloglater" tag. This is truly a wonder, however, now this means that I will have to actually getting around to blogging about them later. So, here is a first roundup of my bloglater, tagged over the past week.

Here's an article titled The little men who love "Little House". I particularly enjoyed this article, since I love the Little House series. Even now, as an adult, I still go back to them at certains times of the year - often in the fall when I like to think about the harvest, and snow (though I only like to think about snow). My husband also loves them, which I'm sure is one of the reasons I love him. The article is mainly talking about the whole "boys don't like to read except comic books" thing. The thing I don't love about this article is what it says about librarians:
"Why then do a lot of boys get turned off from reading sometime in elementary
or middle school? The blame partly lies with librarians. They are mostly women,
they tend to love stories, and they also have a thing for books that teach moral

It really makes you think, especially since reader's advisory services are one of the best things libraries are known for.

My second, completely unrelated tag is for Tales for the Public Domain: Bound by Law?, a comic book about copyright and fair use. It's pretty fun...I did read it entirely online, but a pdf version is available. It is published under a Creative Commons Attribution by the Duke University Center for the Study of Public Domain. Maybe it's not completely unrelated to my last tag, since it's a comic book.

Finally, Jenny Levine has added a Gaming in Libraries Wiki, as part of the Library Success: a Best Practices Wiki. It has a collection of related resources and a list of libraries that host gaming. Hopefully some Arizona libraries will get on that list soon...I know that one of the Glendale Public Library branches has a good gaming program.

I'd also like to point out I added a new blog to my blogrolls: Creating Passionate Users. It's a particularly fun blog with an excellent mission...why don't we have one called Creating Passionate Library Users?


  1. Thanks for the article. Which I've send on to my friend who's going to be dealing with the Little House stuff in her class on the frontier over the summer. (History). I only skimmed it though.

    Many of the men I know read girls' books. I know Jeff read Little Women and I told my mystery students to read a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery. At least one of the men read a Nancy Drew one.

    I don't know as many men who've read the Anne books.

  2. I had no real desire to read the Betsy-Tacy Books. Their titles were off-putting I did read the entire All of a Kind Family ones.


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