Carnival of the Infosciences #24

Welcome to the 24th Carnival of the Infosciences! I hope you are ready for some corn dogs and cotton candy, because we have some great food for you!

Confessions of a Science Librarian details the path to the dark side of science librarianship from a mild-mannered software developer. Science Fiction leads to Fortran which leads to doing bonus assignments of matrix multiplication! You have to read it to believe it!

Frequently Answered Questions goes hog wild with 2 spectacular entries in one week:Google Book and ILL (a topic near and dear to my heart), as well as Using Textbooks in Online Classes.

David Bigwood at Catalogablog has developed a Frapper Map of podcasting librarians, similar to the map of blogging librarians where I outed myself several weeks ago.

In order to make sure I have enough entries, David also provided a link to information about arXive trackbacks. This is pretty neat, allowing trackbacks to be sent to the archive for science and research papers.

Our host for next week's Carnival, Mark of ...the thoughts are broken… makes an attempt at meeting my submission request for tales of good library ideas gone bad with this entry. Strangely, after suggesting library comparisons to the "spectacle that is the Super Bowl", what came to mind was a similar train of thought...the library world is full of a lot of talk, but not so much action. We have a lot of library ideas that don't necessarily go bad, they just don't go anywhere at all.

To lighten the air a bit, come over to the purple tent where you can see your grumpy editor's picks for the week:

  • Stephen at Library Stuff gives props to some librarians doing some great library stuff - spreading the word, not just talking about current library buzzwords (cough...2.0...cough), but living the dream!
  • Take a World of Warcraft Quiz! (I couldn't resist)

Cool online tools I discovered this week:

  • Protopage - using the wonders of modern technology to create an easy to use malleable desktop! Mine is already covered with sticky notes, which I desperately need since I’ve already managed to lose and completely forget any helpful information about the other cool online tool I recently discovered. (you know, the one about the books…)

Submissions for Carnival of the Infosciences Quarterly Edition (#25) can be sent to mark[dot]lindner[at]insightbb[dot]com of …the thoughts are broken…

You are now free to waddle on home and digest those deep-fried twinkies.