Carnival is coming to town!

Since Monday is not my best day for blogging, I'm sending out my carnival barkers today. The Carnival of the Infosciences will be stopping here at my humble blog next Monday, Feb. 13th. Please send in your submissions by 3PM Mountain time (so that should be nice and late for you East Coasters!) on Sunday. Submissions can be sent in through the Carnival entry form or emailed to me at anali[dot]perry[at]gmail[dot]com.

I like the Laughing Librarian's suggestions for entries, so I thought I'd offer a few of my own.

  • Any posts relating library issues to the spectacle that is the Super Bowl would be apropos, in my opinion (as kick-off remains another half hour away).
  • Other game-related(video, board, rpg) posts are always welcome here.
  • Tales of good library ideas gone bad.
  • And, as the Laughing Librarian so aptly said, we love having geeky entries!
This week's Carnival is at the Laughing Librarian (though not until tomorrow, of course).