Details, details

Why "routine cataloging" is never really routine when you work at the The University College Library in London:

London Librarian Finds Byron Manuscript

3 more minutes until Cenarion Circle opens up and lets me enter the land of Azeroth. Man, I wish so many people hadn't gotten World of Warcraft for Christmas! All my realms are stuffed to the gills!

Spent some time earlier on the XBox 360, which we mysteriously obtained a week ago. Mysteriously only because we had no immediate plans to buy it, but lo, there it was, beckoning on a Wal-Mart display. Dead or Alive 4 was too great to resist. It's so beautiful! Shiny graphics! Kicking of asses! And having wireless controllers is a joy to gaming!

Will there be a Console Wars part deux? Or is my heart swayed by DOA4 and the promise of Oblivion? Wait and see!