Carnival of the Infosciences

I'm posting this today because I'll no doubt forget tomorrow. I've been following the Carnival of the Infosciences for months now, and I've finally written a submission in the previous post. The Carnival is a collection of blog entries each week dealing with information science and other library related posts. Different bloggers host the Carnival each week. This week's Carnival will be at Wanderings of a Student Librarian. Be sure and visit to read not only my entry, but other fascinating exploits in the World of Libraries.

For more information on the Carnival, as well as previous and future hosts, see the Wiki. Observant readers will note that I am slated to host the Carnival on Feb. 13th, so you'll know I'll have to post something else before then.

In other news, it's a beautiful day in Phoenix, with temperatures in the low 70's. Too beautiful to be tied to a computer!