Libraries and Gaming Conference

I wish I would have gone to this conference: the Gaming, Learning & Libraries. It was held last week in Chicago. Great conference notes are available at the Shifted Librarian, Hidden Peanuts, and some in Game On. Additionally, the bloggers agreed on the gaminginlibraries2005 Technorati Tag, if you'd like to do further searches.

One of my fellow Arizona State University librarians went apparently - I want to know who it was and I'm terribly jealous!

I'm finding it hard to get into this professional mindset of going to conferences and such when I've yet to find a professional position. One of the reference librarians recently asked me if I was going to ALA Midwinter, and the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. I suppose I have to start going sometime. I guess the other caveat is that travel funding for classified staff isn't given as freely as for academic professionals, who need it for professional development and continuing appointment. The thought is that the lowly classified staff don't NEED to go as badly to keep their jobs. That makes sense in a twisted sort of way - even though the classified staff are just as important to the functioning of the library, they get paid much less and should pay for conference out of their own pockets if they take any sort of interest in library affairs. I shouldn't be bitter, since I haven't actually tried to go to a conference, I guess it's just an extension of the fact that I can't get a job here even though I've been here for 10 years and would like to stay.

Enough of that, though, back to our regularly scheduled holiday enjoyment.


  1. The bunnies re-enacting A Christmas Story is righteous.



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